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🚨The Guardians of Medication Safety🚔

📝Team Goal: The most significant thing is to take medications as prescribed.

Name: 📌Captain Capsule💊

【Employee Number】1314

Captain Capsule 💊

Personal Traits: He has a sense of justice and strong leadership skills🗣.

Life goal: To ensure that people take their medicines as directed.

Problems: Don’t tell anyone… I have a secret to tell you. Since I gained weight in the last few months, I am less agile than before.

Daily Routines: Red scarf is a must-have item when going out (when performing a task, the scarf will transform into a Superman cape)🧣.

1️⃣ Information gathering skills from various sources.
2️⃣ Super databases of medical knowledge📇🗂 🗞.

Name: 📑Smart Tablet🌟

【Employee Number】8006

Smart Tablet📊 📈
Personal Traits: She is calm and intelligent. She has strong analytical skills📖.

Life goal: To debunk common myths about medication.

Problems: I am too perfect, and drug fighter talks too much nonsense.

1️⃣Ultimate defensive medicine shield to effectively resist the attack of drug myths🛡.
2️⃣Keeping our eyes peeled to quickly identify rumors 👀✍️.

Name: Fighter Drug⚔️

【Employee Number】8656

Fighter Drug🥊
Personal Traits: He is a top sports performer and especially loves boxing. He has an impulsive personality. The blood of a hero flows through his veins, and he is a true activist❤️‍🔥.

Life goal: To dispel rumors about medication.

Problems:  Smart Tablet seems too cold and ruthless.

1️⃣A powerful punch to dispel medical rumors👊